This book is a lifelong pursuit by Kym -
to understand the verses in Proverbs 31:10-31.
To study great teachers and attempt to interpret
the vision of this passage into her life.
To live it before she teaches or shares it.

Does it work? Yes, it does. God's ways always do. There is blessing in following the light we see in scripture and allowing God to work it into our lives.

May God bless you as you seek Him in the role you -
 as a woman of God - will fill.
The path you will chose.
And the life you will live.

The following is the table of contents for the book,
each verse a chapter.
Each chapter a study
of how to make it practical in our lives.

Foreword by Mark Wright 
Introduction & Dedication by Kym Wright 
A Biblical Perspective by Kym Wright 
1  A Vision for Life 
2  Cross Stitch 
3  Hide It in Our Hearts 
Proverbs 31 Verse 
Memorization Chart 
4  An Excellent Wife 
5  A Woman of Virtue 
6  A Reason to Trust 
7  What is Spoil? 
8  So Good 
9  Delighted Hands 
10  Exotic Fare 
11  Mothering the Minutes 
12  Rising Early 
13  The Garden 
14 So Strong  
15 Lights On 
16  Stretching Ourselves 
17  Helping the Poor 
Volunteerism Quotes 
18  Keeper of the Wardrobe 
19 Clothed in Scarlet 
20  His Queen 
21  Fine Linen & Purple 
22  Her Husband is Known 
23  Home Business 
24  She Smiles 
25  Still Smiling 
26  Teaching Kindness 
27  Bread of Idleness 
28  Blessing 
29  Another Blessing 
30  Charming & Beautiful 
31  The Loudest Applause 


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